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Fall Gardening with Ornamental Grasses

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A fall garden is not complete unless you have at least a few ornamental grasses. Partner them with other fall blooming perennials and shrubs for dramatic results and eye-popping colour.

In this picture-mums, asters, sedums, kale, and fountain grass grass. For less than 100.00 this garden could be yours. Grass Root Gardens would love to help you select everything you need to make this garden happen. Plant it once to enjoy for years. Sure its an investment, but think of what you spend on annuals per year-its a bargain! don’t have to water and fertilize it constantly like the annuals. I don’t know, why plant every year if you don’t have to. Just saying..

Fall Gardening with Ornamental Grasses
Fall Gardening with Ornamental Grasses

Love Ornamental Grasses? This Book is for You!

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You know what I like about this book on ornamental grasses? Everything! Whether you use it as a reference book or a casual read as a coffee table book, bored you will never be. Durability-wise it holds up nicely, the designs are before their time, thus never out-dated. I’m giving this book 5 green thumbs up.

From the moment I picked it up in 2002 I loved it. The photography is exceptional, and photographer Saxon Holt captures the breathtaking beauty of ornamental grasses in the landscape and garden in extraordinary ways. From cover to cover the author Nancy J. Ondra presents outstanding garden design showcasing the versatility and splendour of grasses for any garden setting. Discover unique ways to combine other garden plants such as perennials and shrubs with ornamental grasses to bring out the best in your garden year round.

Light, wind, texture, movement, drama, grasses do it all. To every home and commercial landscape embracing these lovelies there is joy in knowing very little maintenance is required to keep them at their best. One snip in the spring, amend the soil with organic matter, water and you are good to go for another year! So what are you waiting for-plant your grass today. You will love it..and the book too!

Excellent Book on Ornamental Grasses
Excellent Book on Ornamental Grasses-Versatile Partners For Uncommon Garden Designs

For more info and stunning photos..

Fall is the perfect time to plant a garden!

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Fall Gardening

Fall is the perfect time to plant a garden

Seasoned gardeners realize that fall is the perfect time to garden and not just for bulbs. There are a number of benefits to planting in the fall.  First, the weather is agreeable and the rainfall is generous. Fall is the time in which the plants focus on their root system rather than flowering, therefore, being very strong by the time spring comes when they are ready to flower. Basically you gain a whole year by planting in the fall. Secondly, the spring garden will grow in more fullywith the root system well established. And fnally the layout of the garden is clearly seen in the fall and the gardener is not left guessing at what was in that space! This allows planting and filling in with more confidence about the desired results.

Grass Root Gardens will help you plan your fall garden, assist in plant picks and answer your garden questions.



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P.J.M. Rhododendron is a dwarf broad-leaf evergreen(does not lose its leaves in winter) shrub presenting masses of pretty, fragrant, lavender flowers in the late spring. Small, rounded leaves bright green in summer, turn a gorgeous mahogany in winter. Tolerant of cold, heat, shade and sun, along with its compact, mounding form-make this one of the most versatile rhododendrons. Rhodos must have well-drained, rich acidic soil, use plenty of peat moss when planting.


Newly planted P.J.M. Rhododendron

Care and Cultural Tips:

P.J.M. Rhododendron is deer-proof and somewhat tolerant of urban pollution, benefiting from being planted in a somewhat sheltered location. Consider applying a thick mulch around the root zone in winter to protect it in exposed locations or colder zones. At maturity P.J.M. will grow 4 feet tall spreading 3 feet. It grows at a slow rate, and under ideal conditions can be expected to live for 40 years or more. Prune only after flowering to avoid removing any of the current season’s flowers. Feed rhodos after flowering with a low nitrogen/high phosphorous organic fertilizer.


Landscape Attributes:

An outstanding evergreen shrub planted in mass or standing alone as specimen. Consider planting with spring bulbs, hostas and ostrich ferns. For the zen garden pair this rhododendron with Japanese Maples and Lemon thread-leaf Cyprus.

rhododendron flower

Fragrant lavender flowers in late spring

P.J.M. Rhododendron as Specimen

P.J.M. Rhododendron as Specimen

Rhododendron foliage in winter

P.J.M. Rhododendron adds interest, texture and colour in the fall and winter landscape.




Mass of P.J.M. Rhododendron

Mass of P.J.M. Rhododendron


It’s Always Fun at the Harrow Fair

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Can you believe it?  This week-end The Harrow Fair is celebrating 157 years of agriculture, big zucchini’s and down home family fun!


The 157th Harrow Fair


“Busy Bees”




Thursday September 1st to

Sunday September 4th



Admission is $7.00 for adultsbee.oliviarobinson1

Children 12 and under are Free!

Weekend passes are available for $15.00





Sunflower Bird Feeder

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Sunflower Bird Feeder

Sunflower Bird Feeder

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