Clematis-Avant Garde

Clematis-Avant Garde

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Clematis Avant-Garde™

The 2in flowers of this striking climber consist of a central pompom of rosy pink petals backed by a set in dark velvety red. This bloom has been described as “a Dahlia sitting on top of a Rose.” Bred using disease-resistant species, Clematis Avant-Garde™ is a vigorous, free-flowering plant. Prune it to 10-12in tall in early spring and it will shoot up to 9-10 ft, quickly covering a trellis or adding a second season to color to a Rose or small tree. Flowering begins in midsummer and goes on into autumn. This is an outstanding Clematis for a beginning gardener, but experienced gardener’s will adore it too,for its unique form and excellent bloom strength. Evipo033(N) PP 16,074

Bloom Time: July to Sept
Mature Height: 9′ +
Hardiness Zone: 4-8
Exposure: Full sun to part shade
Features and Usage: Ideal for covering fences
Climbing trellises, blanketing any vertical or horizontal support Scrambling along the ground
Fine companion to Roses
Notes: Clematis like their roots cool but their heads in the sun So mulch them in well at planting time and refresh the mulch regularly.

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