Amaizeingly Green™ Corn Gluten-Organic Weed and Feed

Amaizeingly Green™ Weed’n’Feed Turf Fertilizer (Corn Gluten)

Amaizeingly Green™ Weed’n’Feed Turf Fertilizer (Corn Gluten) - $34.95

Corn gluten meal is an effective environmentally friendly lawn and garden food, while acting as a weed suppressor.
Corn gluten meal is the yellow portion of the corn kernel. Gluten is a high protein food source for pet food and livestock applications but its high protein is also a highly sought after source of nitrogen. Amaizeingly Green™ has formulated a pelletized corn gluten meal fertilizer and pre-emergent weed killer product for use in residential and commercials applications. This product is being produced as an increasing number of Canadian and US municipalities are banning chemical fertilizers, and are looking to natural, ecologically friendly fertilizer options like Amaizeingly Green™ .
Amaizeingly Green™ has numerous advantages over customary chemical weed and feed products;
• Will not burn your turf
• Easily applied using any fertilizer spreader
• Can be applied during rain or shine

Pets and children can safely use the treated area immediately after it has been applied. There is no waiting period required.

How does it work?
Amaizeingly Green™ turf fertilizer controls weed seeds by releasing organic dipeptides into the soil and inhibiting root formation of germinating weeds.
Amaizeingly Green™ turf fertilizer is a non-selective organic pre-emergent herbicide and slow release organic nitrogen fertilizer for the control of broadleaf weeds.
Amaizeingly Green™ turf fertilizer is formulated for use in general agriculture, organic farms, commercial and residential landscapes, parks, school grounds, play grounds, golf courses, greenhouses, nurseries, tree farms and other natural areas. Amaizeingly Green™ turf fertilizer can be used in and around flowers, vegetable and herb gardens, perennial plants, annual and perennial bulbs, citrus, orchards, fruit and nut trees, vineyards, ornamental trees and shrubs, rose gardens, and virtually any woody or herbaceous plant.

How do you apply it?
Amaizeingly Green™ turf fertilizer can be distributed using a spreader or cultivated directly into the soil. Allow for a short drying period after application and initial irrigation. Amaizeingly Green™ turf fertilizer will inhibit germination and is best applied after vegetable or flower seedlings are established. Apply to established turf in early spring before dandelion and large crabgrass seed. Apply again in July and September. Amaizeingly Green™ cannot be over-applied and causes no known environmental hazard.

Amaizeingly Green™ Controls
Large Crabgrass

What is Organic Lawn Care?
It is safeguarding your lawn with natural fertilizers, weed control and other natural products that do not contain any harmful chemicals or toxic products.

What’s wrong with Chemical Lawn Care?
Chemicals do not provide the carbohydrates essential for a healthy soil food web. Some chemical based fertilizers are so caustic that they kill soil organisms and inhibit plant growth.

To order Amaizeingly Green™ please call 1-519-919-4175 for pricing and delivery. Amaizeingly Green™ turf fertilizer is an excellent product for environmentally conscious home owners and landscapers. The natural fertilizer is a safe alternative to chemical based weed and feed products.

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