Fabulous Ferns

Ferns are a superb woodland plant that grows wonderfully in shaded areas and protected garden beds with adequate moisture and well drained soil. There are many types of ferns, all add terrific texture, movement and foliage to a perennial garden. Fern leaves (fronds) unfurl early to late spring, modest and demure the first two years. Its in their third year that their subtle colour, personality and growth explodes! From orange to silver, glossy and green, frilly, pointed, leather or lace, fabulous ferns are never out of place. Ferns were trending heavily in Victorian times, so much so a new word was born, pteridomania. Pteridomania aka fern-fever was a craze for ferns. Its likeness was everywhere from metal to glass, linens, metals and textiles, most notably as a prop in Victorian family photos. Today ferns have made a comeback in the urban landscape for its unique form and versatility. Ranging in heights of the  minuscule 2 to 3 mm (0.08 to 0.12 inch) tall to huge tree ferns  stretching 10 to 25 meters (30 to 80 feet).

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